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South Nahanni River
Trip Pre-Requisites
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Safety & Trip Pre-Requisites
Selecting  the  trip  suited for your skill level is critical to the safety and  enjoyment  for  both  you  and  the group. If you choose to enlist the services  of  Neil  Hartling  and the folks at Nahanni River Adventures for your  holiday  you'll be presented with three travel options depending upon the trip and your ability:
Raft  Expedition  Trips - designed for people of any skill level including novices.
Voyageur  Canoes Trips (7 person) - the guide in each canoe teaches you the strokes you require but you must be willing and able to paddle for a 5 hour day (not including breaks and lunch stops).
Tandem  Canoe Trips - are much more skill specific and careful thought must be applied to assessing your canoe skill level.
The  Nahanni  is  rated  as Class 3 whitewater requiring quick and accurate river  reading  and  instinctive  manoeuvres  orchestrated  with a paddling partner.  Fluctuating  water  levels  and  flash  flooding can change river conditions  very quickly and your skill level should be able to accommodate these situations.
For  assistance in assessing your ability, discussing safety concerns, trip options or to just chat about what to expect, call Nahanni River Adventures at 1-800-297-6927 or (867)-668-3180.

Nahanni River Adventures Trip Pre-Requisite Information