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South Nahanni River
Our Guides
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Because they deserve a page of their own!

A note about our guides...I have never met a group of harder working people. They are competent, high energy, knowledgable individuals who really added to our Nahanni experience.

Watching them in action I thought they'd worked together before. I was surprised when I found out that Lowell & Krystal hadn't tripped together and even more surprised that Paul wasn't a full-fledged guide.

Thanks Nahanni River Adventures for the trip of a life-time!


Krystal, the poor woman who was charged with keeping us all in line...


Paul, our ATLEP at top of "The Gate"


Lowell, thinking he's glad he's not on "The Sunblood" hike.


I think I read in a book by Neil Hartling that said guiding was 95% cooking and 5% terror. I don't know if they experienced "terror" on this trip...but I know WE experienced alot of great meals!