South Nahanni River
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Welcome to my web site!

Well, I promised I'd go back and I did. This time to Alaska...sea-kayaking and communing with the whales. As with the Nahanni shots contained on this site the pictures do not do justice to the scenary and the trip journal doesn't capture all the memories I've brought home.
Experiences stay with me forever, a smell, a sound often bring my memories rushing back. Recounting my trips makes me feel like they happened only yesterday.  These experiences are priceless.
Memories are very personal and I hope that the taste you'll get of these amazing trips from this website will encourage you to create a few memories of your own.

Click here to view Icy Strait Trip Website

Pictures are also posted on the Journal page so don't forget to check there too. ALL pictures on this site are from my Nahanni trip and ALL pictures on the Icy Strait pages are from my Alaska trip..

If you are contemplating an adventure trip in the North I strongly advise going guided. Areas are remote with many river trips containing some pretty wild water and a great deal of history. All of which is enhanced by the presence of experienced guides. Should you want to explore this option I highly recommend the services of Nahanni River Adventures contact info is on my links page.

If you'd like, you can sign the guestbook and include any comments you may have. I also love to get mail so email me if you feel so inclined!



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